School Council

Find out more about our school council

School Council is an elected group of parents and staff who form the governing body of our school.
They are significantly involved in promoting a positive school environment.

Council Meetings are conducted twice per term and community members are encouraged to nominate for positions annually.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Monitoring the school’s finances
  • Reviewing and endorsing school policies
  • Maintenance of cleaning of buildings and grounds
  • Development of the school’s facilities and their use by others
  • Employment of non-teaching staff
  • Fundraising activities.

2018 School Council Representatives

Elise Chapman

Parents & Friends                    
Megan McClain

Staff Representatives              
Gail Butterworth, Assistant Principal
Rachael Kimber, Assistant Principal
Courtney Hale, Classroom Teacher

Parent Representatives            
Sean Mortimer
Megan McClain
Narelle Schraeder
​Chantal Huggins