Student Wellbeing

Pakenham Hills Primary School - Student Wellbeing

Our school is committed to providing a safe and happy environment for all students, staff members and community stakeholders.

Our school utilises the ‘Calmer Classrooms’ approach to student welfare and positive behaviour management.


A whole-school assembly is held on Monday afternoons at 2.30 pm in the gymnasium.  Everyone is welcome.


Children are expected to be at school every day.  If they are absent from school due to illness or approved circumstances, an absence note is required. Please send this with your child the first day they are back at school. Alternatively, you can email the school. Please see this Attendance Brochure for more information on why regular attendance at school is so vital to your child’s future.

Brekky Club

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 8.15am and 8.45am students may come for breakfast to our Wellbeing Room located in our new Gym. Students are able to interact with other peers whilst they enjoy breakfast. Our Chaplains and volunteers coordinate Brekky Club. It is open to all students and a gold coin donation is encouraged.

Chaplaincy Program

The School Chaplaincy Program provided by C.H.I.P.S. – Christians Helping In Primary Schools – enables the opportunity for students to speak about various issues to a trusted member of our School Community/Chaplain. The Chaplaincy Team works with small groups of children to help with leadership, socialisation, problem solving, team building and grief & loss issues. All enquiries regarding this program are referred to our Assistant Principal; Rachel Mauger

Community Values

Pakenham Hills Primary is proud to take its place as a member of the wider community. Our commitment is to reinforce our community values of:-

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • Honesty and Integrity

School Rules

Students are expected to follow our four school rules in all areas of the school:

  • Be a Learner
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

No Hat, No Play

In an effort to reduce children’s exposure to the harmful sun rays, we have a no hat, no play rule. A variety of shady trees and covered play areas are provided for children to play under.

School Primary Welfare Officer

Our School Primary Welfare Officer is Maciek Luczak. He provides support in relation to individual, personal, social and educational aspects of child development.